Zoning Regulations


Please be aware of regulations and help  our community maintain its charm and beauty: PV Zoning Regulations

There have been recent updates to the Land Development Code for St. Johns County.  One point of note is code that protects our Trees in Ponte Vedra in Section IV.  See link:  St. Johns County Land Development Code

Report Violations to: http://www.sjcfl.us/CodeEnforcement/PRIDE.aspx

  • The parking of recreational vehicles (boats, boat and utility trailers, RV’s, golf carts, jet skis, campers) is PROHIBITED unless enclosed or fully screened from view. (Exception to this regulation is for a maximum of 24 hours to accomplish a specific task or to accommodate visiting friends.) The parking of commercial vehicles is PROHIBITED except during times of pick-up and delivery.
  • Parking on Ponte Vedra Boulevard right-of-way without authorization is not permitted. Parking for maintenance, delivery and repair services is allowed for a limited time while services are being provided.
  • Real estate signs: only one sign per house; no more than 80 square inches in size; made of metal, plastic or wood; professional lettered; fastened to a supporting 1×1 inch iron or 4×4 inch wood post four feet height. No off-site signs allowed.
  • Garage sale signs: only one sign per house, one square foot; not to exceed 48 hours. No off-site signs allowed. Placing signs at street corner of A1A is strictly prohibited.
  • Homeowners are only allowed (2) garage/yard sales per year; one every 6 months.
  • Signs advertising products for sale (including cars) are PROHIBITED. Contractors while doing work at your home are allowed one sign not to exceed 1 sq. ft. No subcontractor signs are allowed. No snipe signs are allowed except political signs prior to an election. Political signs are not allowed in right of way.
  • Refuse Containers/Trash cans, recycling bins, trash bags should be concealed from view from street/public sidewalk except for days of pick-up.


  • Lawn debris/tree cuttings may be placed at curb 24 hours before pick-up.
  • Recycling bins may be placed at curb no earlier than the evening before pick-up.
  • Please use side yard pick-up for trash.
  • Fence heights greater than four feet, outside building restriction lines, are prohibited except:
    • On lot lines which coincide with the existing right of way of A1A the maximum height may be six feet
    • In the R-1-C and D Zoning Districts, the maximum height may be six feet in the rear and side yards
    • In the R-1-A and B Zoning Districts south of Sawgrass, the maximum height may be six feet.
  • Adding fill to any lot, lagoon, or wetlands buffer is not allowed.
  • Storage structures shall be placed in such a manner on a lot that they cannot be viewed from the front of the property line.
  • A permanently installed athletic court or recreation field shall not be located in the front yard.