Community Info

Ponte Vedra is home to the states top ranked public schools, Community Association, Municipal Service District, World Class Beach Clubs and Golf Courses.

The Municipal Service District (MSD) is a separate organization that manages how tax dollars are spent towards Road and Bridges, Beautification, Garbage Pick up and Recycling, and many other functions serving a specified portion of Ponte Vedra called the Municipal Service District.

The Ponte Vedra Community Association (PVCA) dates back to times before the MSD and was co-created with the Ponte Vedra Inn & Club and still has a  relationship with the club hosting all of the social events.   The association is designed to organize, communicate, educate, and poll local residents on issues and communicate what is important to the community to the MSD on different subjects.  The Association is voluntary to join.  The member only events are just a few reasons why you should join the Association.  The property for Ponte Vedra Palm Valley school was secured by the association and is ranked as a top school in the state along with Ponte Vedra High and Landrum.   The first fire truck in the area was purchased by the association.   Because these important services serve everyone, the MSD was created to use Tax dollars from everyone in the community instead of funding with dollars given by a portion of the residents.

Below are some links to rules set by St John’s county.   This is informational only provided by the Community Association.