Traffic Task Force

Citizens Traffic Task Force Newsletter
August 17, 2020

Welcome to the Ponte Vedra Beach Citizen’s Traffic Task Force August Newsletter. This newsletter is published periodically to keep our community informed about developments affecting the roadways in the Ponte Vedra Beach-Palm Valley area. Our distribution includes the registered members of the Ponte Vedra Beaches Coalition, the Ponte Vedra Community Association, the Palm Valley Community Association, the Ponte Vedra Municipal Service District, the North Ponte Vedra Beach Coalition, and the Sawgrass, Marsh Landing, The Plantation at Ponte Vedra Beach, and Sawgrass Player’s Club Homeowners Associations. Each organization is represented on the CTTF Board.
Ponte Vedra Beach A1A Intersection Improvement Update
As reported in our January Newsletter, thanks to the efforts of our St. Johns County Legislative Delegation (Senator Travis Hutson, Rep. Cyndi Stevenson, Rep. Paul Renner) the PVB A1A Intersection Improvement Project was awarded $500,000 in the state’s 2019-2020 budget year. Now, thanks to their continuing efforts on behalf of our community, an additional appropriation of $1 Million has been approved in the 2020-2021 budget. These dollars, along with additional support from our St. Johns County Road & Bridge Department, will fund the cost of engineering and construction of intersection improvements at SR A1A and Solana Road, and at SR A1A and Mickler Road, two of the three failing intersections along A1A in Ponte Vedra Beach. Based on the latest information, construction of the intersection improvements at Solana Road and A1A is expected to be completed no later than April/May 2021. As for the Mickler-A1A intersection, we expect the design and engineering work to begin sometime late this year or early 2021 with construction starting in late 2021 or early 2022.
In other area intersection news, we have recently been advised that, due to safety concerns, a traffic signal will be installed in 2022 on the East side of the Palm Valley Bridge at the intersection with the South Roscoe Blvd. Connector.
The CTTF is continuing to work with St. Johns County and FDOT staff to address the other intersections along A1A from JTB to Mickler and will provide updates in future newsletters as new information becomes available. Since embarking on our mission to reduce traffic congestion in Ponte Vedra Beach, the CTTF board has learned much about the challenges and necessary processes that come with addressing traffic problems and roadway improvements. The primary lesson being, there is a long and complicated process associated with defining road improvement projects, obtaining funding, and final construction. The CTTF Board members are actively identifying and pursuing all potential avenues to achieve our ultimate objective of improved traffic flow through our community. However, as explained in the following editorial, the road to success is paved with many inherent difficulties. We welcome any recommendations and support any resident is willing and able to provide. Contact us at