Our Mission

The Mission of this Association is to build a sense of community and preserve the unique qualities that make Ponte Vedra Beach such a great place to live.

Goals and Benefits of The Ponte Vedra Community Association

1. To furnish to its Members information on such essential public services as the Directors of the Association shall determine;
2. To promote the health, safety, social interaction and well-being of its members;
3. To support and encourage such charitable, environmental and educational organizations and such organizations devoted to the physical growth and development of members and their families as the Directors of the Association shall determine;
4. To do and perform such other acts and exercise such powers and duties as shall in the opinion of the Directors, be in the best interest of the members of the Association as shall be appropriate to the exercise of the foregoing;
5. To serve as the means of identifying matters of community interest or concern and to define these matters in terms of Ponte Vedra area’s best interest;
6. To help in determining a community consensus and to spearhead the presentation of the community’s viewpoint to our elected and appointed District, County, State and Federal Legislators;

To Create a Sense of Community

  • The Directors of Membership/Block Captains, Welcome Committee, and Community Meetings/Special Events work together to build membership, welcome new neighbors, and increase community fellowship through various outreach and events:
    • Welcoming newcomers to the community
    • The annual Christmas Tree Lighting, Toy Drive and Cookout
    • The annual Sweetheart Dance and Dinner Party
    • The PVCA Annual Meeting and Dinner
      • These benefits are included for all PVCA members as part of your annual dues.